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ASA 1140 fail over scenario involving 9300s

Hi All



I have 2 x Cisco 1140 Fws running in ASA mode. Active/Standby


2 x 9300s with a trunk between ten 

Cisco have depreciated the Redundant interface on the 1140s


I have configured sub interfaces on one of the ports of FWs with 2 x vlans going from primary switch to active FW and 

the same 2 x vlans on the standby FW going into the secondary switch so should one of the FWs or switches going down ( in this instance lets say one of the primary devices). Monitor interface on the FW will detect and failover.


with a port-channel scenario it will still be the same detection.


I want to have failover independent on the switches without having to rely on the monitor interface of the FWs and for them not to be the masters in this scenario..


is there a way for the switches to detect or do some failover. 


I appreciate that there is no VSS or stack wise virtual on the 9300 



Thanks in advance 


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Jon Marshall
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