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ASA connectivity problem

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I've configured an ASA 5510 FW with asa901-k8 ios. on it's "inside" port there is network. there is another network ( in my system that can be reached via another router which has ip address. when a client in the 10.90 network wants to reach the 10.190 network the fw redirects the request to the router ( because the fw is my gateway. there is no problem so far... but... while i can ping and traceroute a 10.190... user from 10.90... network, i can't use any non-icmp appliactions. for example i can't use rdp programs, http web interfaces of some devices on remote network ( what can cause that? is there any rule in asa that blocks these protocols?


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Try to RDP with the IP address and not by DNS and do the same with the web. If you are doing it by DNS then its a domain issue.

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Is there is any ACL on router interfaces that may be blocking? Does on local network everything work? Post here config of your router. We can help much better.

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From my understanding, when a client in the 10.90 network wants to reach the 10.190 network, traffic flow will be:

10.90 client (possibly TCP SYN) -> firewall -> router -> 10.190 client.

but 10.190 client will return traffic in this direction:

10.190 client (possibly TCP SYN ACK)-> router -> 10.90 client.

at this point, firewall see asymmetrical TCP connection which firewall try to protects the network by denying further raffic (denying TCP ACK).

here is a link to help you understand ASA asymmetric routing proction:

to temporarily workaround this until the asymmetry can be fixed, enable TCP State Bypass:

Please remember this is bad design. A user VLAN should have only one  gateway. You could place the router in another firewall zone.

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