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Assistance required - VTP question about connecting SG350X to 2960X VTP domain

Hi All,


I am currently trying to trunk an SG350X to our domain.

I am concerned that our domain VTP will not work with the SG350X, I plan to trunk it to 2960X (latest IOS) which in turn connects to a 3850 core stack (XE 03.03.05SE) which is the VTP server, We are running a VTP Domain, V2 with a password.


On connecting to the SG350X via CLI, I noticed many of the commands are not recognised.

I never purchased them, I had asked for more 2960X, which I know how to setup.

Could somebody tell me if these switches are compatible with our setup?


If the SG350X are compatible, How can I get the VTP data into the config?

I had a look at the documentation, which appears to be all GUI based, Which I am not used to working with along with this particular model.


Many thanks for looking and please don't hesitate to ask for more info.

VIP Expert

Look at the recent thread which have same requirement like yours (hope thta help to resolve)


if not please let us know.


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Hi BB,

Thanks for your reply.


I have had a brief read through the section regarding GVRP.


So I enable GVRP globally on the SG350X, and then manually enter the VLAN ID required for individual ports, We have over 60 VLAN's in the domain.

How will the SG recognise my VTP Domain name, revision number and password, this has me confused as there are no specific settings to include this critical information.


I am concerned my VLAN's could be wiped out by connecting these SG switches to the domain.

A side note, These SG switches could be replaced with 2960X if there is a risk.


Sorry, I'm fairly new to this ;)