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auto QoS over wan circuit

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I have a customer who wants to use auto qos over the wan circuit but would not be running QoS/autoqos on their lan. Is this even possible?

I thought they would have had to tag or trust the traffic all of the way to the CPE for it to work properly over the WAN circuit.

Thank you.

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John Blakley
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It should work fine, but they should be controlling both ends of the traffic (for example, 2 sites over mpls circuit). If you're trying to use qos over the wan, it's difficult to control if not impossible to get the results that you want. If they do have control of both ends, configure autoqos on both sides of the link.



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This further complicates it I think.

It is a metro ethernet connection so it does not go router - carrier circuit - router. It goes site router- switch- carrier circuit - switch- router.

The interface on one end is a sub interface and is accessed over a port channel.  So from what I understand this end would need to be changed to go to a direct router interface correct?

Even though you have a switch, generally the carrier won't (at least with mine) strip markings. Either the carrier doesn't have qos enabled on the switch, or the markings are trusted. You should try it to see what happens; I'm sure you'll be okay.


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