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Auto Sync feature missing from the switch (IE-2000-8TC-G-B)




Switch Ports Model                     SW Version            SW Image
------ ----- -----                     ----------            ----------
*    1 10    IE-2000-8TC-G-B           15.2(4)EA5            IE2000-UNIVERSALK9-M




The SD card has been inserted (provided by Cisco):


SD Flash Manufacturer   : SMART MODULAR (ID=27h)
         Serial number  : 123456789
         Size           : 972MB



 A full sync has been completed successfully:


Switch#sync flash: sdflash:
Verifying src IOS image file(s) : [OK]
Verifying dst IOS image file(s) : [OK]
Verifying src config file : [OK]
Verifying dst config file : [OK]
Verifying src vlan data file : [OK]
Verifying dst vlan data file : [OK]
Verifying free space in destination : [OK]
Deleting/Saving old file/dir in destination : [OK]
syncing IOS image file(s) and directory from flash to sdflash ....
copying from flash:/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5/info to sdflash:/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5/info : [OK]
syncing config file from flash to sdflash : [OK]
syncing vlan data file from flash to sdflash : [OK]
syncing environment variables from flash to sdflash : [OK]



But now "auto sync" cannot happen? Why?


Switch(config)#auto ?
  qos       Configure AutoQoS global
  security  Configure AutoSecurity global



According to Cisco that command should be there:

Using an SD Card with the Cisco IE 2000 Switch


Am I missing anything?

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 - Could you try this command :  auto sync enable  , anyway and see what happens (?)

-- ' 'Good body every evening' ' this sentence was once spotted on a logo at the entrance of a Weight Watchers Club !

Thanks marce1000. Sure thing. This is the output:


Switch(config)#auto sync enable
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


And just so we're clear, the SD card is inserted, and the switch boot from it:


Loading "sdflash:/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5.bin"...##################

File "sdflash:/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5.bin" uncompressed and installed, entry point: 0x3000


Dir sdflash


Switch#dir sdflash:
Directory of sdflash:/

    1  -rw-         134   Jan 2 2006 00:00:20 -05:00  env_vars
    2  drw-           0   Jan 2 2006 19:33:44 -05:00  ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5
  659  drw-           0   Jan 2 2006 19:33:44 -05:00  dc_profile_dir
  661  -rw-        6714   Jan 2 2006 19:39:06 -05:00  config.text
  662  -rw-         916   Jan 2 2006 19:00:34 -05:00  vlan.dat
  663  -rw-          16   Jan 2 2006 19:00:34 -05:00  license_upgrade

1018822656 bytes total (978337792 bytes free)


Boot variable:


Switch#show boot
BOOT path-list      : sdflash:/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5/ie2000-universalk9-mz.152-4.EA5.bin
Config file         : sdflash:/config.text
Private Config file : flash:/private-config.text





 - Always useful to try latest (advisory) release and check again :
  Also check the output of these commands :  Switch# show auto sync configuration
                                                                                                 show auto sync status



-- ' 'Good body every evening' ' this sentence was once spotted on a logo at the entrance of a Weight Watchers Club !

Thanks again marce100.

Switch#show auto sync configuration
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Switch#show auto sync status
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.
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