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Break the boot process for C1000-16T-E-2G-L

Sufian allan
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Everyone,

A customer has a C1000-16T-E-2G-L switch,and does not know the enable password for it, now my concerns are:

- When I console to it , should the the switch be off and hold the mode button and then turn the switch on till i get the prompt?

- How to I break the boot process for this switch?

- After the break and I do # dir flash:, and I see the config.tx and i rename it to config.txt.old

rename flash:config.txt flash:config.txt.old, what should i do after that?

- should I reload the switch? will the switch go to the file I just created (config.txt.old), or it will give me a clean start and i have to copy everything from the old backup config and just delete/change the enable password?

- what is the default username /password ?


Thanks a lot for all the help !!!


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Sufian allan
Level 1
Level 1

Guys I need your help,please !!!

If you do the steps correctly it should not go to the old config and should give you a clean start.


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