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C2960X packets lost


Hello, I'm using 2 switch C2960X Version 15.2(4r)E3. The 2 switches are connected by a two ports configured in EtherChannel, Pa01 (trunk mode). They are running spanning-tree in pvst mode. In my network, I have a monitoring tool that it is sending a ping packet to all elements in the network. This tool is repoting that, some time, there is a packet lost and some devices are not reachable. This occurs in a randomic way and on diffferent devices more time in a day. I have checked the interfaces status and I did not find any reported errors. I'm attaching the conf (where I removed the IP and the communitty). Coudl you please help me? Do you suggest some debug log to check? Thanks Milo

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Reza Sharifi
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on both switches, can you make these change on the Portchannels and the physical ports and test again?

interface Port-channel1
 switchport mode trunk


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/45
 description *** Trunk port to 2960S ***
 switchport mode trunk
 channel-group 1 mode active


Also, one more thing. You have SVIs configured for all vlans on both switches.  You only need the SVIs on the switch that is performing the routing and not both. The only vlan that need an SVI per switch is the management vlan.



Hi Reza,


The switchport mode truck was already present in the configuration.

I removed the IP from the VLAN leaving 1 for the management.


However, the situation remains the same.




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