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We have an issue related with WS-C4948, the Device reloaded without any configuration change or any issue with the Power supply. I have obtained this output:

This is a part of the show version:

SwtichP1 uptime is 4 minutes

System returned to ROM by abort at PC 0x0

System restarted at 16:30:43 GMT-6 Thu Sep 27 2012

System image file is "bootflash:/cat4500-ipbasek9-mz.122-46.SG.bin"

Also I have This:

------------------ show platform crashdump ------------------

Last powerfail: 11/25/2011 23:04:00

Current time: 09/27/2012 16:35:33

Last reload status: 00000C00 039D0000

Last crash: 09/27/2012 16:29:23

Build: 12.2(46)SG IPBASEK9
buildversion addr: 1234E170

pc=1156B214 lr=1156B214 msr=00029030 vector=00000700
cr=48002022 ctr=11447C4C xer=00000000
r0=1156B214 r1=140F9608 r2=0000C000 r3=00000001
r4=00000000 r5=00000AE5 r6=A32405FF r7=1257C988
r8=00000DFF r9=00000000 r10=00000000 r11=00000001
r12=00000DFF r13=FFFFFFFF r14=11418574 r15=00000000
r16=11C68B00 r17=00000001 r18=00000001 r19=13F6018C
r20=140E478C r21=1407477C r22=12350000 r23=13F53964
r24=13F601C8 r25=12590000 r26=13F53954 r27=00000000
r28=140F9688 r29=188B2B24 r30=12590000 r31=1855661C
dec=0000BB33 tbu=00016B39 tbl=95AB9661
dar=00000000 dsisr=00000000 hid0=8000C000

ErrDr1=00 ErrDr2=00 ErrStsCpu=72 ErrStsPci=00
Single bit ECC count 0

Traceback: 1156B214 11A1A4F4 11A1B770 115557F0 11555858 1141816C 11418564 114186AC 105F0580 105E7730

Stack frames:
Frame 1: pc=11A1A4F4 stack=140F9618
Frame 2: pc=11A1B770 stack=140F9700
Frame 3: pc=115557F0 stack=140F9730
Frame 4: pc=11555858 stack=140F9738
Frame 5: pc=1141816C stack=140F9740
Frame 6: pc=11418564 stack=140F97A8
Frame 7: pc=114186AC stack=140F97E0
Frame 8: pc=105F0580 stack=140F9810
Frame 9: pc=105E7730 stack=140F9818

Pushed stack:
140F9600:                   140F9618 1156B214
140F9610: 12590000 188B2BE8 140F9700 11A1A4F4
140F9620: 00000000 A94E829A 00000000 00002710
140F9630: 00000000 00001388 00000000 00000001
140F9640: 00000000 0000C350 4B325061 636B6574
140F9650: 4275664D 6F6E6974 6F722D50 6572696F
140F9660: 6469632D 72657669 65770001 00000001
140F9670: 01B119B0 00000002 01000001 185566A8
140F9680: 0000F004 00000AE5 00000000 00002710
140F9690: 00000000 00001388 00000000 00000001
140F96A0: 00000000 0000C350 4B325061 636B6574
140F96B0: 4275664D 6F6E6974 6F722D50 6572696F
140F96C0: 6469632D 72657669 65770001 00000001
140F96D0: 01B119B0 00000002 01000001 185566A8
140F96E0: 00000000 A94E829A 140F9700 00000AE5
140F96F0: A3240280 13F34468 12590000 188B2BE8
140F9700: 140F9730 11A1B770 12350000 13F53964
140F9710: 13F601C8 12590000 13F53954 12350000
140F9720: 140E477C 13F34468 12590000 00000000
140F9730: 140F9738 115557F0 140F9740 11555858
140F9740: 140F97A8 1141816C 140F9750 13F539AC
140F9750: 188B2D6C 000001F4 00000000 B2896AC0
140F9760: 00000000 44000042 00000000 00000000
140F9770: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
140F9780: 00000000 00000000 14074780 00000001
140F9790: 12350000 140E479C 140E477C 13F53954
140F97A0: 1407477C 00000000 140F97E0 11418564
140F97B0: 00000002 CA25AB00 00000004 00000000
140F97C0: 00000000 00000000 00000000 12300000
140F97D0: 12300000 00000000 00000000 13F601C8
140F97E0: 140F9810 114186AC 1407477C FFFFFFFF
140F9800: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
140F9810: 140F9818 105F0580 00000000 105E7730
140F9820: FFFFFFFF                           

Popped stack:
140F9400:                   00000000 00000AE5
140F9410: A32405E0 140F9488 A32405E0 1889F1C4
140F9420: 140F9450 11555718 140F9470 117F0B80
140F9430: 18CB2A1C 00000064 140F9450 00000000
140F9440: A32405E0 1889F1C4 00000AE5 A32405E0
140F9450: 140F9468 11A1AB98 A32405D8 00000AE5
140F9460: A32405E0 1889F1C4 140F94D8 11A1AE68
140F9470: 00000000 00000000 18CB2A1C 00000064
140F9480: 00000000 00000000 00000000 A94E829B
140F9490: 13F354F8 13F354F8 140F9520 00000001
140F94A0: 00000001 13F6018C 140E478C 1407477C
140F94B0: 00000004 00000044 13F601C8 000DDEED
140F94C0: 140F95F8 00000000 A32405D8 16FDD15C
140F94D0: 16FE1190 11FBF032 140F94E0 11ABE6E4
140F94E0: 140F9580 11A2F908 189ACC70 00000001
140F94F0: 00000000 00000044 00000004 000DDEED
140F9500: 00000000 00000044 00000004 000DDEED
140F9510: 140F9528 11A1B3E0 140F9520 140F9598
140F9520: 140F9528 1141EA38 140F9618 11A1A294
140F9530: 00000000 11E1A300 00000000 00002710
140F9540: 00000000 00001388 00000000 00000001
140F9550: 00000000 1407477C 12350000 13F53964
140F9560: 13F601C8 12590000 13F53954 00000000
140F9570: 140F9688 188B2B24 12590000 1855661C
140F9580: 140F9588 11A2D6A8 140F9608 11A2D748
140F9590: 000090FE 00008C98 00002543 000001E0
140F95A0: 000001C7 18556B94 185566EC 00000000
140F95B0: 140F95D0 1157AD20 00001CEA 00008C98
140F95C0: 00009030 00000000 185566EC 00000000
140F95D0: 140F95E0 1157AE04 00000000 185566EC
140F95E0: 140F9608 1157B1A4 000090FE 00008C98
140F95F0: 188A3B74 24002048 03009688 140F9610
140F9600: 140F9590 1855661C

SCTOSCAZERO2 uptime is 4 minutes
System returned to ROM by abort at PC 0x0
System restarted at 16:30:43 GMT-6 Thu Sep 27 2012
System image file is "bootflash:/cat4500-ipbasek9-mz.122-46.SG.bin"


Using the Output Interpreter I have the next error:


detected [hex]. System will be reset!

Explanation: The system detected free cell duplication, and will be reset. This
message may also erroneously appear when using jumbo packets or if sharing is configured
and transmit queues have backed up.

Recommended Action: This is an informational message only. No action is required.

Can you tell me if there is a bug in the IOS version: cat4500-ipbasek9-mz.122-46.SG.bin?

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Cisco Employee


Hi Fernando,

I have gone through the capute and decode the crashinfo. I could see that this unexpected crashed happend due to PARITY ERROR.

Let me explain more in detail. A parity error, also known as a Single Event Upset (SEU) is a universal phenomenon irrespective of vendor and technology. It occurs very infrequently, but all computer and network systems, even a PC, are
subject to them.

The way memory is designed, there is an extra bit to go with every 8 bits in memory. This extra bit is 1 or 0 depending on whether there is an odd or even number of 1's in the 8 bits is managed. If something comes in and changes the energy state on part of the memory, causing a bit to flip, then the router can detect this, but it has no way of
knowing which bit got flipped. Since the memory is corrupt, we do not want allow any code to run because that can cause other problems. Therefore the router is designed to reload.

This is documented in the below bug CSCsg28982. The bug was filed to document that this was a parity error type of event


A Catalyst 4500 or 4900 series switch may crash. In the logs just before the
crash the following messages will be seen

%C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-3-PPECELLDUPDETECTED: Free cell xxxx is duplicated, at positions yyyy and zzzz.

%C4K_SWITCHINGENGINEMAN-3-PPECELLDUPREBOOT: Repeated cell duplicates. Detections 5. System will be reset

The PPE freelist tracks all free and available packet cells whose buffers can be used for incoming packets. Software detects cell duplication and resets the box to avoid corruption in the packet cell freelist. Such freelist parity error causing a duplicate cell is a very rare occurence and is not known and has not been seen to occur more than once on a given supervisor.

On older supervisors detection of duplicate packet cells on the PPE freelist is a very useful check which helps the switch to take action to prevent uncontrolled and  prolonged packet processing problems. If it happens more than once on the same supervisor, this is likely a hardware problem and the supervisor should be replaced.

There is no workaround for this problem. Soft parity errors are unavoidable and hard parity errors are the result of failed hardware.



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Hi Arumugam:

            Thanks a lot for your help, I now understand the Error, I will Monitor the Device,  Thus I think that the issue will not appear again because as you said it is an isolated problem

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