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C9300-48S & C9500-40X - L3 Routing Capabilities with 3-YR Essential License

Does the Cisco Catalyst 9300 & 9500 series have full Layer 3 Routing Capabilities?


Reasons why I question are below:

Do these terms mean full routing? "routed access" "Layer 3 forwarding" These terms are used in the data sheet and license details.

Data sheet link where Layer 3 Forwarding is stated

See images (below) attached where the license of a 3, 5, 7 year terms does not show routing details or state "routed access".


Maybe I'm over thinking this, but it is a large investment to be wrong.



9000 Series Licensing Differences.PNG9300 Essential Features.jpg

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Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master
The way I read the documentation your link references, and the chart in your OP, the Advantage package provides perpetual licensing to the full routing package.

Alright, that is what I was wanting to confirm. Thanks.

Perpetual Licensing cannot be quoted through a vendor and requires DNA license purchasing. Am I getting Full Routing Capability then?

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

See page 21-26 in this document for all the license types and features. Cisco's licensing is getting more and more complicated.



I agree, extremely complicated! I cannot purchase perpetual licensing for a 9300 series but only DNA licensing. Can I get Full Routing Functionality with DNA 3-year term (Advantage)?

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