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I recently got four new Cisco SG 350 28MP PoE switches to replace some older ones, and need to decide which switch to use as my core switch.  I currently have a Catalyst 3560G 48-port switch (that has to be returned to a vendor) as my core switch (fo...

Hello i have a switch Aruba-2930F-24G-4SFP ( Layer 3)  But i have a problem about configuration CLI in HP 1) example in Cisco :interface  ethernet  1 link with switch layer 2 ( DLINK)switch trunk enpasulation dot1Qswitchport mode trunk how i can conf...

I have 6no. of Cisco 2960 switches. 3 switches are joined in Stack 1 and other 3 Switches are joined in Stack 2 with a UTP loop cable connected between Master switches of Stack 1 and Stack 2. The above configuration was working for the past 1 year th...

Hello, I must perform a migration from a 3com switch to catalys 9200 but the 3com has MSTP. The query is, can Rapid-PVST be compatible with MSTP? or MSTP with MSTP is recommended. 3com MSTP has the entire vlan in instance 0. [3COM-Distribution]displa...

promero by Beginner
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I try and read and help people on here, however....Surely there needs to be some sort of competence level before people are allowed to post?I see more and more posts that I just think FFS how have you even got a CCO account?My Cat 3850 won't route? C...

1.What is difference between Media converters,Splitters & Extenders2.why it is said to avoid use of above device in LAN network ?3.Can we connect POE IP phone after use of above device on cable?

knaik99 by Beginner
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Hi all,I installed the Openflow Plugin on a Cisco 3650 switches, and recently have to do a factory reset. Now I can tab commands for openflow, running them in config terminal without a single error, but when I check the plugin using "show openflow <a...

nttuan by Beginner
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I noted some problems recently with some of my switches.  I want to have some blank lines in my banner motd message.  On a switch I run 12.2.58SE2 it looks great.  I tried to put the message on a switch running 12.2.55SE4 and the blank lines are remo...

cldavis by Beginner
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I have configured my cisco 3850 swtich for L3 Routing and have followed many online resources from Cisco about proper configuration, but am not able to get the inter-vlan routing to work.  I have checked all of my commands several times and going thr...

wmlarkin1 by Beginner
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Hi everybody,I'm using a Cisco 9300 with IOS XE 16.09, and I found something strange: Output drops. And I think that these output drops are related to AutoQoS. This is the interface configuration: interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1 switchport access vla...

Patrick81 by Beginner
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I have a unique situation where I am running multiple q-in-q metro networks and would like to do layer 3 VRFs in standalone tags WITHOUT creating a vlan on the switch. What I'd like to do is something like the following: interface ten 1/1/1 descripti...

jtrohm by Beginner
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