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Cat 3850-IP Base and Cat 9000-Network Essentials

Level 1
Level 1

Hey there!

Ever since the Cat 9000 series switches has come out the data sheets have been saying that Network Essentials is only Layer 2.  But looking at a recent datasheet and comparing it to the features of IP Base in the 3850s, the features look to be at parity.  Can we officially say that Network Essentials is basically IP Base (L3)?

Or am I missing something here?

Cat 9300 datasheet - Table 8:…

Cat 3850 FAQ - Table 2:


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Damien Miller
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It's certainly close, but not a 1:1.  I do a lot of work with TrustSec, so there is a big gap for me in this assumption. 

IP Base on the Cat 3K included SGT/TrustSec.  On the Cat 9k that is part of the Advantage license, not Essentials.  So you can say that essentials is almost IP Base, but in certain contexts and use cases it would be way off the mark. 

What about L3 ACLs? I need Advantege license for this feature?

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