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Cat450xR/Sup7-E Field-install Reduntant Sup7

Hi all,

Sup7-E need license key to turn on IP services feature.  For a Cat450x-R system with one Sup7-E with IP services license, later on redundant Sup7-E will be added to existing system.  Based on 1 feature license per box,

     1) Will the license key from primary Sup automatic sync to redundant Sup?

     2) Need to manually copy the license key from primary Sup to redundant Sup?

     3) Open TAC case to generate license key for redundant Sup?



Was this ever confirmed as I have a bundle with single sup-7E Lan Base and installing a resilient Sup-7E and hoping this applies IP Base to both sup-7E in the chassis, Can anyone confirm??


When a redundant Supervisor7-E is purchased, it will  ship with the  default license enabled (LAN Base) and a PAK for IP  Base.When this is installed along with with an existing sup running Lan  Base, the redundant sup will upgrade the system to the feature set of  the newly ordered redundant sup. Because of the change in feature  package, you will have to go through the license activation steps

If the active sup is already running IP  Base/entservices and is in SSO redundancy mode, the lincense will  automatically get copied onto the redundant supervisor as part of bulk  synchronisation process .

If you are currently running  one supervisor with Lan Base and would want to install a redundant  supervisor such that both supervisors run IP Base, follow the below  instructions:

Make sure you have console access to both the  supervisors before proceeding.

• Obtain the system UDI and subsequently the  License file

• Insert the  Supervisor in Standby slot

• Install the  license obtained from active sup

•Once the license is installed on the system, use the built-­in  Evaluation license to force the system to boot in IP Base image, on the  subsequent reboot:

Switch (config)#license boot level ipbase

• Reboot only  the Standby Supervisor. Stand by will boot with IP Base and active will  remain in Lan Base

• Supervisors  will initialize in RPR redundancy mode, due to license level mismatch

• Initiate  RPR switchover.

•Proceed to the console of the active sup which is in the process  of rebooting. Break the automatic boot process, by typing Ctrl+c once  or twice when the prompt for disabling automatic boot shows up on the  console. Let this Supervisor be in ROMMON prompt. The standby sup with  IP Base will now be active.

• Configure  system to use Permanent license by issuing “no license boot level ipbase  |entservices”

• Configure  SSO redundancy mode--‐ this will automatically reboot the standby  Supervisor

• Save  configuration

•  Standby Supervisor boots in IP Base license level and because of SSO the  license is automatically installed as part of bulk synchronization  process.

• The Active  and Standby Supervisor slots will be reversed, by this procedure.

The below link might also be helpful: