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Catalyst 3560 12 port


Trying to design a network for a client - under the tools interface I see a WS-C3560-12PC-S - however I cannot find any info about this device on the Cisco website. I am wanting to know that it is definately a POE switch (all 12 ports), is a managed solution and supports QoS.


Jon Marshall
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Assuming you mean the WS-C3560-12PC then yes all ports support PoE. All the 3560 support QOS and all 3560 are managed switches -


Thank you. Do you know if there are any limitations to this switch aside from port density(obviously) then the 24 or 48 port flavors have. Are there limitations to the number of VLAN's supported, aux. VLAN's?

Probably best you have a look at the datasheet for the 3560 switch which will give you a good guide to all available features.

Interestly the 12-PC model is not mentioned in the data sheet.


exactly, I'm sure it operates as all other 3560's, but I've been bitten before and I just wanted to make sure there are no limitations to it - such as number of VLANs, etc.

Yes, i know what you mean :-).

The 3560-8PC is included in both the datasheets and the pdf for compact switches so i think it's safe to assume if the 8 port 3560 meets your needs in terms of features then the 12PC will as well.