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ccpExpress_de.html - 404 Not Found, Cisco Configuration Professional Express.

Lucas Rojan

Hi community


I've freshly unpacked the Cisco 897VA and connected it to the network.

After the IP adress has been assigned, I've navigated with Firefox to to

enter the Cisco Configuration Professional Express. It asks me for the default

username & password and after that an 404 error comes up.



Error message: 404 Not Found


I've searched on the internet for this error and only saw a russion page describing this issue.

From that what google translates, there is an issue with finding different language sites.

(His issue with russian and mine with german)


He describes a workarround by creating a HTML file with following content and copy it to the router.

It should deactivate the redirections to the de/ru site and use the default english version.

<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=ccpExpress.html">

This are his instructions. I'm going to try them:

copy scp://mich@ flash:/ccpexp/html/
copy flash:/ccpexp/html/ccpExpress_ru-ru.html flash:/ccpexp/html/ccpExpress_ru-RU.html

My question is now, is issue fixable by another workaround? Currently I can't connect to the router with my console port.

And does someone knows, why this error occurs?


Kind regards


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I have in Cisco 2921 and 1841 Model enable usage http server ....

   first into web is general text html web for operation ,then I restart browser try again.

   this open the 404 Not Found ,URL is

   ,then I check flash path change URL to

   then is OK.  


   may be you can try.


   and I try other browaer ,problem is list....

      internet explore 9 : can into main page but into subiten has not display any content.

      firefox 27.0.1 : problem for this question.

      google chrome 33.0.x : problem for this question.



Looking at source of the home.shtml:

// Depending upon the locale(language of the browser), It will open the corresponding ccpExpress.html page
// If its English or the language is not defined then ccpExpress.html page will launch.
// For other languages depending upon the language ccpExpress_language.html file will open 
//provided the same file is there in router flash under ccpexpress.tar


Miguel Morinigo

Hi Buddy,

The problem is that when you open the http://your_router_ip, your browser redirect the url in your browser installation languaje (in your case deutsch ccpExpress_de.html this file doesn´t exist in your router) instead exist a default ccpExpress.html in english languaje.

So there are two ways to fix this issues:

Option 1: Enter directly with the full file path
http://your_router_ip/flash:ccpexp/html/ccpExpress.html. This option is tedious, because You MUST remember the full url.

Option2: ccpExpress.html Rename file to your language. In my case spanish.
copy flash: flash /ccpexp/html/ccpExpress.html: /ccpexp/html/ccpExpress_es.html

In your case will be
copy flash: flash /ccpexp/html/ccpExpress.html: /ccpexp/html/ccpExpress_de.html

I hope you find this helpful.






I think the command should be


copy flash:/ccpexp/html/ccpExpress.html flash:/ccpexp/html/ccpExpress_de.html


because I am getting errors when I use your version. Your solution works though. :-)






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