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Cicso PWR-C45-2800ACV / Sony APS-172 power supply for 4500 serie



I use the CISCO PWR-C45-2800ACV power supply (also known under the name SONY APS-172) to power some of my home made electronic circuits operating under 50V 28A.  I  am very happy with this power supply that delivers the power I need for my home made electronic circuits so all is well really.  I just would like to obtain additional information about the design of that power supply  to help me use it in an even better way in my home made circuits


1) What are the function each of the 24 pins (4X6) of the back connector, how can they be used by  to control and manage the power supply ? Right now I am shorting 2 pins out of the 24 to activate/deactivate the power supply. If  I better understand the functions of the other  24 pins, I could write a home made program to exploit them in my circuits. Do you have technical documentations that could help me ?  I actually need the PINOUT of the 24 Pin connector, where is the current sense PIN, the FAN control speed PIN etc... I didn't find anything on Cisco website. 


2) Has the PWR-C45-2800ACV  been designed so two, three or four can be connected in parallel for a greater wattage under 50V ? Reading the documentation of the catalyst 4500, I think yes, but please clarify if the CISCO PWR-C45-2800ACV contains adequate functionality to balance the current between the power supplies in that scenario. If  that is the case, please clarify if he 24 pin connectors on the back of the power supplies paralleled must then be connected somehow (the current sharing pins ?) together and how to do it. Do you have documentations that could help me figure this out in practice ? I didn't find anything on Cisco website.  


Please bear in mind in your answer I am not using any Cisco software as I am not a Catalyst 4500 user.


I have joined in annex, an example taken from an other supplier that provides a clear explanation for each pin of the backplane of the power supply (in this case a DS1300). I need the same information for the Cicso PWR-C45-2800ACV / Sony APS-172; I don't think it is rocket science nor it is a "trade secret", this is ultra basic technical information that should be publicly available.