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Cisco 3560 CG help

I got a cisco 3560CG 8 port poe switch that I got at home and I want to know how to do vlan routing


I want to assign something like this


uplink port gig 0/9 - uplink to router


Router uplinks to cable modem and to intetnet


uplink port gig 0/1 - 0/3 - vlan 10  ----- for hard wired desktops at home 

upling port gig 0/4 - 0/8 - vlan 20 ----- for poe waps

how do I use separate addressing or do this?


my router will only hand out one ip range -





Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 5.59.16 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 5.51.39 AM.png


this is from my tplink. as you can see the is static route for each vlan going back to the 3560cg switch

still cant get out to internet


from pc I am able to ping (vlan10) interface on switch


from tplink I can ping (gigabit0/9) on switch


i cannot get out to internet right now

any idea?

please give more information about the current config.


but as i scoll back and see this, then here may still be the problem

     I am still struggling with this. I have a static route from the wifi/internet router back to vlan 10 like this is the vlan10 interface on the switch
     on the switch uplink to wifi/internet router
      interface GigabitEthernet0/9
     description uplink to TP Router
     no switchport
     ip address
     ip route

that is on your internet router you configure a route to vlan10 address of the 3560, that is not correct
the internet router must have the route to pointing to to the ip-address of the 3560 in the same subnet as your internet router 
so (internet router) can send packets destined to via (3560)

this is exactly what i have on tplink router. traffic for vlan 10 go to on the cisco 3560cg switch




from pc I am able to ping (vlan10) interface on switch
from tplink I can ping (gigabit0/9) on switch


that sounds ok, but i have doubts about traffic going through the 3560

- from pc are you  able to ping interface on TP-link?

- from PC can you do a "traceroute" ?

- from TP-link can you ping IP of PC?

I am still having issues.


Can anyone help


I need to setup multiple vlans on the 3560 CG. 


on each vlan I need DHCP


but the only source of DHCP is from the uplink TPLink router.



I think it can only do one scope dhcpo