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Cisco 3750 Switch Stack - Stackwise & Stackpower



We have 6 Cisco 3750-X switches and we would like to configure Stackwise and Stackpower. Stackwise is not an issue, we've done that lots of times and is a technology we're very familiar with. There seems to be some confusion surrounding the combination of Stackwise and Stackpower used together.

Is it possible to run multiple power stacks (1 power stack with 4 switches, 1 power stack with 2 switches), and this be in the same Stackwise stack (shared control/management plane - interfaces 1/0/1 - 6/0/24)?



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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Jake,

according to configuration guide you would need an XPS 2200 to build at stackpower of up to 9 switches



Cisco StackPower is not supported in switches running the LAN base feature set.

the chapter speaks of power stack(s) as a separate concept from stackwise stack(s)

From the commands help it look like possible to build two power stacks within a wider stackwise stack see

stack-power switch switch-number

Enter the stack member number of the switch in the power stack and enter  switch stack power configuration mode. The range is from 1 to 9.

Note Only four switches can belong to the same power stack. 

then you specify to what power stack the switch belongs with

stack [power-stack-name]

Enter the name of the power stack to which the  switch belongs. The name can be up to 31 characters. If you do not enter  a name and no other switches in the power stack have a name configured,  a power-stack name is automatically generated. 

So all you need is to define two named power stacks and to associate switch members to one of the two power stacks

Hope to help


Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you for your detailed configuration instructions however it didn't answer the original question. Is it possible to configure two independent power stacks within one Stackwise group of 6 switches?



Hello Jake,

if only one power-stack would be possible within a stackwise stack,  it wouldn't make sense to have named power-stacks, the CLI  logic tells that multiple power stacks are possible.


see this recent thread the original poster says  that he is using two power stacks

Hope to help


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