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Cisco 3750X

Sean McCoy
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Level 1

I have two 3750X stacks at an elementary school. They are linked via 1GB fiber uplink. I have a VLAN that decided to stop working. I moved all access ports to another VLAN and they are fine. One stack is in VTP server mode and the other transparent. Switches can communicate with each other. Problem seems to be isolated to that particular VLAN but I can't figure out what it is.

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Level 1
Level 1

Did the switches restart for any reason? power outage? restart in five that was forgotten about (trust me it happens more than you'd think).

did you assure that the VLAN is still in your vlan database?

'show vlan'

make sure it's on both so they can communicate. I really don't know why people don't use VTP networks in smaller designs.... it would make life so much easier.

VLAN is in both databases. Should I delete and recreate the problematic VLAN? Not sure what other troubleshooting approach to take on this.

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