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Cisco 3850 StackPower and StackWise

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Hi, just got a couple of questions regarding StackPower and StackWise on the 3850.


Is it possible to use StackPower between switches that are not stacked using StackWise?

If I have a stack of 4 switches and are looking to configure StackPower mode redundant, is there a calculator to work out how many power supplies I need to install across the 4 switches, with x number of PoE ports?


Thanks in advance for any assistance. 

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Jaderson Pessoa
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi there,


Prerequisites for stackpower below;



So, i believe that you can use stackpower without using stackwise.


check it for more information:



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Thanks in advance.

Jaderson Pessoa
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Thanks Jaderson


I looked through the link and actually found the following statement: -


Switches in a power stack must be members of the same switch (data) stack.


So it does look like you can't have StackPower spanning 2 different data stacks.


I now need to find a calculator to size the number of power supplies required across the stack.



on a side note, StackPower supports a maximum of 4 switches, while StackWise supports 8 switches. There is no mutual dependency, that is, StackPower can be used regardless of whether or not the switches are configured with StackWise...

That's what I thought Georg, but the Cisco document states that they must be part of the same data stack.

Stackpower has no stackwise dependency. They are different technology
Jaderson Pessoa
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Why do Cisco state that they must be part of the same data stack then?


I have since found this in an old 3750-X document: -


  1. Do not configure power stacks that span across data stacks.

    Cisco StackPower is limited to four switches per power stack although one stack of nine switches can be configured over multiple power stacks; this is a supported deployment. On the other hand, one power stack can also span over multiple data stacks although it is not recommended. It is not a recommended deployment because of display and control reasons. That is, StackPower reports the power budget, priorities, neighbor information, and similar parameters to the stack master; therefore having two stack masters would make management a nightmare. In this scenario, there would be two masters receiving information about the same power stack, that would confuse the administrator and would cause unexpected behavior in case of load sheds.

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Can anyone confirm if the advice from Cisco regarding StackPower is still current or is it possible to split StackPower across different data stacks?


Also are there any tools or data that can help size the number of power supplies required for a redundant StackPower configuration.


Thanks for any assistance.


the maximum devices with stackpower is four.
Jaderson Pessoa
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