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Cisco 6504-E GUI software needed


Certainly there has to be a GUI to setup/configure and manage the Cisco 6500 series routers...

Im looking but cannot find anything. I'd rather not have to manage this new device via the CLI...Bottom line...

I have the Cisco Network Assitant and really like that, however it will recognize the 6504 as an 'unsupported device' and i cannot manage it.

I have also tried the Security Device Manager - the 6500 is unsupported in that either.

I have had no luck with the Cisco view device manager for the 6500 either..

Cisco Works LMS is total CRAP.. I have evaluated that software as well...

Someone please show me the light on what software to use to manage my Cisco 6504 (Sup720) router.....


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Cisco Network Assistant

Cisco view is the only option for you to manage the Cat6500. I have worked on Cisco view and managed Cat6500 very well.

You can also have a look at Cisco IP netmanager.\


-amit singh

Thanks for the feeback guys.

The Cisco Network Assistant does not work with the 6500 series switch/router as mentioned above.

I am looking into the Cisco View right now. Just a note on this - it requires Cisco Common Serivces 3.0 SP1, which has reached the end of life and is no longer available. I have found that the Cisco Unified Serivce Monitor is now the replacement ot the Common Services application.

The Cisco Unified Service Monitor actually includes common services and then some. ..

The entire package of Cisco View requires a Windows Server OS to be installed..

I dont know if this is what i need or not just yet - the install is taking quite awhile...

CiscoView is very nice, but the problem is that it's currently only purchaseable as part of the CiscoWorks LMS bundle, and the smallest license you can purchase for that is for 100 managed devices and it costs $10,000.  For a company that only has one or two or even ten 6500 switches, this is a ludicrous amount of money to spend for a GUI.  Cisco needs to address the lack of an affordable management GUI for the 6500 as soon as possible.  Either sell CiscoView as a separate product, licenseable for a single device at a time, fix the embedded CiscoView for the 6500 that hasn't worked since 12.2(18)SXD3, or add full support for the 6500 to the Cisco Network Assistant (CNA).