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Hi ppl,When i enable MVR on a cisco 3750 switch i seem to loose all SAP announcements.EG with mvr:mvr vlan 501mvr mode dynamic!switchport access vlan 4 switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q switchport trunk native vlan 501 switchport mode access switc...

danburns by Level 1
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Guys,Certainly there has to be a GUI to setup/configure and manage the Cisco 6500 series routers...Im looking but cannot find anything. I'd rather not have to manage this new device via the CLI...Bottom line...I have the Cisco Network Assitant and re...

djbowling by Level 1
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Am I correct in thinking that all load-balancing and forwarding decisions are made in hardware and that there will not be any performance hit on the switch when enabling this?ThanksTrev

trevjones by Level 1
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so what, exactly is the difference between the standard 12.2-53 packages and the 'lm' packages for 3750/3560's?  According to release guide, it's to address the 16MB limit on flash, but what exactly is the difference?  I can't find a side-by-side com...

I've got limited router experience and was wondering if someone could explain the affects of this routing statement:router eigrp 100network in advance.

dj214 by Level 1
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Resolved! Port at 4500

HiI am getting following status of port and which is weird for me. Please help me to understand why this status comes because have never seen this status in my carrier of any portSwtich#sh int status | in 4/48Fa4/48    Storage      monitoring   325 ...

Hi all,i am trying to copy IOS  from my TFTP server which is on laptop to cisco 3548xl  switchmy curent tftp directory on laptop is c\windows\system32filename is c3500xl-c3h2s-mz.120-5.WC17.bin3548XL#copy tftp:i ran this command 3548XL#copy tftp:\\19...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Hi All,I got some technical issue in my 802.1Q tunneling lab, please advice if you know it....thanksObjective:- To isolate customer VLAN with provider VLAN (CoreSW01, CoreSW02, and CoreSW03)- To save VLAN used by customers- By implementing 802.1Q tun...

alexloh83 by Level 1
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HiNeed to clarify something:Most documentation mentions that EIGRP distribute-lists will stop query propagation? Is that also true for distribute-list out or only for distribute-list in? I.e if there is distribute-list out on particular interface, NO...

arshapir by Level 1
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I haven't seen an example of 802.1q tunneling from the customer perspective.  Our service provider gives us a Gig ethernet link at each site.  This is a tagged vlan (vlan 2000).  Our Switches are Cisco 6504 with a sup32 standard IOS.  The SP fiber co...