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Cisco 877W ADSL line interface not initialising

Hello All,

Is the ADSL line interface on Cisco 877W not initialising a known issue?

This interface on my router has been in this state for more than one month, with the rest of the router seemingly operational. The interface was connected directly to my ADSL broadband and worked well for two years. But then, about a month ago, the interface went down. I saw the exact moment this happened recorded as a syslog message. The only information was that the interface status had changed to down.

Initially I thought this was a matter of reload the router and all will be well. Did not happen. Then I thought my broadband connection was to blame. However, this option was quickly ruled out. So I went on to exhaust all troubleshooting options, including reflashing the router with the saved image and totally changing the configuration. Still no change. I have had to go back to my old BT home hub for internet access. In terms of speed this actually works a lot better than the Cisco router. But I would still rather have the router connected to my broadband line. What can I do to bring the ADSL interface back to life?

I do not have a support contract so if this is a hardware issue, I could not get a replacement.




Please post your show log and show dsl interface atm0 output.

Have you tried replacing the RJ11 cable and microfilter/splitter (if you're using one)? Try to also report this issue with your ISP to check the line.

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There is nothing suggested in the above post that I have not already tried. Report this issue with my ISP to check the line? Did I not mention that I have gone back to my ISP supplied home hub for Internet access and that this is actually working well? A more helpful reply would be greatly appreciated. When reloaded, the ATM0 interface permanently transits to the state below.


sh ip int
ATM0 is initializing, line protocol is down
Internet protocol processing disabled
ATM0.1 is initializing, line protocol is down
Internet protocol processing disabled

Dialer0 is up, line protocol is up
Internet address will be negotiated using IPCP
Broadcast address is
MTU is 1500 bytes
Helper address is not set
Directed broadcast forwarding is disabled
Outgoing access list is not set
Inbound access list is not set
Proxy ARP is disabled
Local Proxy ARP is disabled
Security level is default
Split horizon is enabled
ICMP redirects are never sent
ICMP unreachables are never sent
ICMP mask replies are never sent
IP fast switching is enabled
IP fast switching on the same interface is enabled
IP Flow switching is enabled
IP CEF switching is enabled
IP CEF Flow Fast switching turbo vector
IP multicast fast switching is enabled
IP multicast distributed fast switching is disabled
IP route-cache flags are Fast, Flow cache, CEF, Subint Flow
Router Discovery is disabled
IP output packet accounting is disabled
IP access violation accounting is disabled
TCP/IP header compression is disabled
RTP/IP header compression is disabled
Policy routing is disabled
Network address translation is enabled, interface in domain outside
BGP Policy Mapping is disabled


sh dsl int
Alcatel 20190 chipset information

Line has not yet been activated.

Modem Status:    Down (DMTDSL_DO_OPEN)
DSL Mode:        Unknown
Interrupts:      86693 (0 spurious)
PHY Access Err:  0
Activations:     0
LED Status:      ON
LED On Time:     100
LED Off Time:    100
Init FW:         init_AMR-3.0.014_no_bist.bin
Operation FW:    AMR-3.0.014.bin
FW Source:       embedded

DSL: Training log buffer capability is not enabled


Maybe the other end of the line (ISP) doesn't support DSL auto negociation. Your DSL int output  shows DSL mode: Unknown. TRy to find out the DSL mode and configure it static.

Maybe this article may help


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