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Cisco 887VA - CP Express 404 not found


After a hardware or software failure with my SRP527, i ordered a new Cisco router, the 887VA. The sell guy told me "yes, there is an HTTP configuration wizard if you don't want to mess with the cli".

Yes... so far i had to connect with the console cable to set no shut on each port and such great things (time consuming).

Anyway, now i can connect to my router. No HTTP configuration wizard. I searched and find i had to install CP Express 2.8. I followed the cisco guide, put the thing on the flash memory : 404 not found. That is what i have when i connect to my router. I removed the HTTPS for HTTP (ip http server) but nothing better.

Sooooooooo... could you please help me ? I'm in a hurry with a VPN connection broken for 1 week, and now i'm stuck with this beautiful piece of hardware but i don't want to mess with millions lines of code. I need QUICK configuration, and this thing has been sold to me this way !


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