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Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 7-E

Hi everybody.

We've got a doubt about the uplink ports of this supervisor. I've read that you have to use the four ports in 10G mode or in 1G mode, but not use for example 1 port in 10G mode and 1 port in 1G mode:

"With Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)SG, the SFP+/SFP uplink modes on Supervisor Engine 7L-E

(WS-X45-SUP-7L-E) have changed. The number of uplink ports now depends on the supervisor engine

mode (single or redundant) and the uplink mode configuration (1-Gigabit or 10-Gigabit). To configure

the uplink mode, use the hw-module uplink select [gigabitethernet/ tengigabitethernet] command, as


Switch(config)# hw-module uplink select?

gigabitethernet Select the gigabit uplinks

tengigabitethernet Select the 10G uplinks


"In single supervisor mode, WS-X45-SUP-7L-E supports the uplink configuration of at most either two

10-Gigabit or four 1-Gigabit ports

In redundant supervisor mode, WS-X45-SUP-7L-E supports 1+1 (in 10-Gigabit mode) and 2+2 (in

1-Gigabit mode)"

But, you can read in another sentence: "

Beginning with Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)SG, you could simultaneously deploy the dual 10-Gigabit

Ethernet ports and the four Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports on the Catalyst 4503, Catalyst 4506, and Catalyst

4507R chassis.


Is it posible deploy simultaneously both type of ports?

Thank you very much.


Hi again.

Sorry for the last sentence, it is for V10 supervisor.

Do you think that it'd be possible to use both types of ports in 7L-E supervisor?

Thank you


Yes. You can use both types of ports Cisco IOS Release 12.2(25)SG

Prior to Cisco Release 12.2(25)SG, the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Supervisor Engine V-10GE allowed you to enable either the dual wire-speed 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports, or four alternatively wired Gigabit Ethernet SFP uplink ports. With Cisco Release 12.2(25)SG, you can simultaneously deploy the dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and the four Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports. This capability is supported on the Catalyst 4503, Catalyst 4506, and Catalyst 4507R chassis.

When deploying a Catalyst 4510R chassis, one of three configurations is supported:

  1. Enable the dual 10 -Gigabit Ethernet ports (X2 optics) only.
  2. Enable the four Gigabit Ethernet ports (SFP optics) only.
  3. Enable both the dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet and the four Gigabit Ethernet ports, with the understanding that the tenth slot (Flex-Slot) will only support a 2-port gigabit interface converter (GBIC) line card (WS-X4302-GB) when in this mode.

To select the 10-Gigabit Ethernet and/or the Gigabit Ethernet SFP uplink ports, perform this task:

The following example shows how to enable both 10-Gigabit Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet SFP uplink ports on a Catalyst 4510R series switch:

Switch# configure terminal
Switch(config)# hw-module uplink select all
Warning: This configuration mode will place slot 10 in flex slot mode




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