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Cisco CSR SCP stalled issue deployed on Azure

I have deployed Cisco CSR 1000v - XE 16.5 2 NICs on Microsoft Azure.
When I try to download a file to any other box from Cisco CSR using scp, It always says stalled at the end of the file download.
While downloading a 1MB file the process of download stalled exactly at 93% which means some 70 KB left.
While downloading a 10MB file the process of download stalled exactly at 99% which means some 100 KB left.
Based on this behavior, the chunk of bytes missing in each download. After waiting for some time in the stalled state, the connection closed.
Any areas that I can check to avoid this behavior.  
PS: I have observed similar issue with 16.6 and 16.4 versions.

Do you have a throughput license installed ?

No, Arshad.  Thanks for prompt response.

I'm using the free trial for 30 days, Ax instance on AWS, which has 30 days free license and automatically subscription will be updated after 30 days.

Even though I'm using Ax trail license, I'm getting good speeds but SCP stall issue is there.

but using BYOL instance and Azure instances with a trial license has low speed and not able to use them for modeling my architecture. 

I have researched a bit about licenses and seen a couple of posts about trail license throughput.

Are trail licenses have less throughput compared to paid licenses? If so can you point us to the place where we can find some good information about what to select based on the need?




Great spot Arshadm

Thanks, Arshad, for information.

I too encountered this problem with a pair of CSR 1000v routers in AWS running IOS XE 16.7.1a, AX license, using the hourly/PAYG license.  Output from the "show platform hardware throughput level" command showed throughput was limited to 200000000 kb/s.  In my case I was trying to download a 1 MB file and it stalled at 91% each time.  I lowered the ssh and tcp windows to 60,000 and it stalled at 98%.  I lowered it to 50,000 and it stalled at 99%.  I lowered it to 40,000 and the transfer completed.  Strange.

Just to clarify: ip ftp username/password configures the username and password for the router to use to login to an external FTP server - in other words the router is the FTP client. It does not enable FTP server on the router. Cisco discontinued support for running FTP server many versions of IOS back.