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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


Cisco Meraki Network setup with hub

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well.


I was looking for some advice. Im in the process of doing a network install at a site that covers a lot of ground. Fibre and ethernet cabling is already in place, all that's left is to install the meraki kit. We have the following:


MX64 (Compound 1)

24 port hub (Compound 2)

MR42 (Compound 2)

MS120 (Compound 3)

MR42 (Compound 3)


MX64 is configured with 3 vlans. port LAN1 is configured as a trunk with native vlan 1. I need all users connected to the MR42's to be on vlan 2.


My question is this. Will the 24 port hub in between the MX64 and MS120 cause vlan traffic to be dropped for some reason? This hub will also have a connection to the MS120 in Compound 3.


I just need to make sure that the vlan specific traffic will be able to flow through this device.


Thanks in advance.

VIP Mentor

Re: Cisco Meraki Network setup with hub

Whatever it is that you have as "24 port hub", it's likely not a hub. Hubs are not sold for a decade or so (or even longer?). I would assume that it is just an unmanaged switch. With that, it could be that your VLANs can be used across that device, but you really should test it. 

I would take a different approach. When you want a managed network with multiple VLANs, there is no place for these unmanaged devices. Dump it and use another MS120.

Re: Cisco Meraki Network setup with hub

Thank you for the response. Apologies for the incorrect terminology, it is an unmanaged switch. 


I will take your advice on board and replace it with a managed switch.

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