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Cisco Nexus 5020 Unresponsive

Hi all! I'm seeking help - hopefully there is an answer out there. So I was recently shipped a Cisco Nexus 5020 that I can't get to.. do anything, really. When plugged in, it goes straight to all lights green, sends the null character over the console cable, and responds to absolutely nothing. When given hours of time to sort itself out, trying new cables, trying other power sources and cables, still no dice.


So I cracked open the top and took a peek - the top board seems totally fine, all internal diagnostic LEDs are green and stable save for the error lights (which are thankfully off). I took the top board off and found some interesting things below, though. The following diagnostic lights seem to have abnormal states:
CR56 flickers very fast - faster than my eye can see, I only noticed this with a camera.
CR69 is off
CR57 is off

Please let me know if there is a diagnostic manual for these internal lights or if you need any other information, and thank you for reading!


Re: Cisco Nexus 5020 Unresponsive

Nothing can be done except organize for an RMA.

Re: Cisco Nexus 5020 Unresponsive

Based on what? While certainly inadvisable, home repair is not impossible, unless you have evidence to suggest that this is an uncorrectable error.
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Re: Cisco Nexus 5020 Unresponsive

Device is old and EoS/EoL was announced. But if you have active smartnet contract you may try to replace it by opening TAC case.

Hope it will help. Best regards, Abzal

Re: Cisco Nexus 5020 Unresponsive

It's secondhand, unfortunately. So I'm still hoping an answer is out there :)
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