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cisco serial cable

I have been studing for my CCNA and have been doing some labs and video tutorials. But am having a problem understanding connections. Manily it is how to connect cisco routers. I thought that the fastest way to connect two routers was to connect the two or more routers with cisco serial cables instead of gigabit ethernet cabels. As this would allow for more speed, between the routers. What is the fast connection speed of a cisco serial cable compared to a gigabit ethernet cable? What plug ends to you get for serial cables and what is the maximum length of the cable?

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Latchum Naidu


Ethernet cable should be the best option if you want to connect two routers directly,because serial cable has a speed of 1.5 MBPS while ethernet cable has a speed of 10to 100 MPBS and more.

And Gigabit Ethernet provides an even higher level of backbone support at 1000 megabits per second (1 gigabit or 1 billion bits per second). 10-Gigabit Ethernet provides up to 10 billion bits per second.

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Serial cable speed depends on the serial interface.  I think a T1/E1 serial port might physically support up to 4 Mbps for back-to-back.  The higher-speed serials interfaces (HSSI) that support T3/E3 will support up to 52 Mbps.  Other non-Ethernet optical ports can reach up to 100 gig.


Plug ends depends on the interface.  There sometimes different plugs for the same physical interface type.

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