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Cisco sg350-28 DHCP

I have internet coming in from my ISP directly into a Mikrotik router.

i want Cisco sg350-28  to get internet from any sfp port or Uplink port via Mikrotik (DHCP or Static)

and distribute to all Cisco switch all ports and all ports should be assigned DHCP from Cisco SG350-28 p  

please any help 

i can manage switch with only web interface


mikrotik ip dhcp pools to to

Auto DHCP Pool required on Cisco SG350 on all ports to with internet access from mikrotic

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Re: Cisco sg350-28 DHCP

Did your Microtic support SFP ports ?  if not you need to use one of the ethernet port from cisco switch and connect to microtick act as trunk port


Cisco sg350-28  - this act as layer 2 switch here...


users---(VLANS)---Cisco sg350-28---(Trunk) --microtick--Internet


if you configure Cisco sg350-28 as Layer 2 device, if you plug your PC to any of the port, you should be able to get DHCP IP from microtick router and able to to go internet also.


if not working, Cisco sg350-28 - post the device config to look.

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Re: Cisco sg350-28 DHCP



the SG350 can act as a DHCP server (check page 278 of the attached admin guide). You can configure the DHCP pool through the WebGUI. Just make sure your Mikrotik has the layer 3 (VLAN) interface (the default gateway for the network) configured, and that the additional network ( is NATted on the Mikrotik, so it is allowed to have Internet access.

On the Mikrotik, I assume you have two Vlans already configured for the two address spaces, and ? Add the address space for the Cisco as a third Vlan.

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