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Dears I’m facing a problem in configuring a cisco switch with Internet ModemHere is my case I have 1 Cisco 3850 switch and 3 linkses Modem for internet each modem is providingUsers with it’s DHCPModem 1 IP’s is 192.168.10.XModem 2 IP’s is 192.168.11....

otb by Level 1
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Hi all. I am self studying Cisco CCNA R&S ICND2. On page 110. It teaches about Predicting STP Impact on MAC Tables. In VLAN1, when SW2 floods out of port Gi0/1, SW3 ignores it as SW3 port Gi0/2 is blocked but Server A points to SW2 Gi0/2 which connec...

jgse19811 by Level 1
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I have an issue with using LACP and Fiber media converter. In other words, when I connect a Cisco 2955 to a Nokia 7750 router via a fiber media converter then the LACP ports cannot be bundled and when I issue "Show Ehterchannel 1 detail" command I wi...

MS2018 by Level 1
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Hi, just got a couple of questions regarding StackPower and StackWise on the 3850.   Is it possible to use StackPower between switches that are not stacked using StackWise? If I have a stack of 4 switches and are looking to configure StackPower mode ...

PAR by Level 1
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Hi All, I have two core switches (4506) with the following details. What are the requirements configure the VSS on these two? If the VSS is not possible on these, what is the best way to provide the HA?    MODULES-------------- Core1#show module Chas...

License by Level 1
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Hello when i connected two ports to N3K from  SAN ,there will be like shutdown . when i do show int status command at two nexus i found them notconnect although when i connected them to Catalyst Switches they working normally.   NOTE: Configuration a...

I am sorry for my language at the beginning...   From IOS-XE 10.9.2 VxLAN EVPN/BGP VTEP is implemented in Cat9300/9400/9500.   It's probably the result of competition moves. Arista and Mellanox are pushing the new model of campus based on VxLAN EVPN ...

ulasinski by Level 1
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I have a Network and we have many VRF and almost every VRF has their on internet link. One VRF A has 20 Mbps internet link which is very slow. VRF B has 500 Mbps internet link. Now we want shift the VRF A internet traffic to 500 Mbps link. I have cre...