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Cisco2921 failure

Dear All,

        i faced repeated issue with Cisco2921 , it can't respomd to any ping or console although its Power supply LED is ON.

when i replace it with another new one it is working fine.

is it issue a global issue in this model?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco2921 failure

Hi Ibrahim,

This is not a global issue of the model, that should be a problem with this particular router. The problem you decribe seems to be a router hang issue, the reason for this can various: hardware issue, lack of ressources, high cpu etc.

The best would be to open a service request with the TAC to understand the cause of the problem we'll need more informations, you can already try to collect these:

   1- change the config-register to enable the break key

         Router(config)#config-register 0x2002

   2- reload the router to use the new config register (you can already try step

       3 to 5 once to verify this is working fine before a hang)

   3- Send the break sequence when the problem occurs. The ROM Monitor

      prompt ">" or "rommon 1 >" must be displayed

   4- Capture a stack trace. For this, collect the output from either the k

      50 or stack 50 commands. Add 50 to the command to print a longer stack


   5- Issue the c or cont command to continue.

   6- Repeat the three last steps several times to ensure that multiple

      points in a continuous loop have been captured.

   7- After you have obtained several stack traces, reboot the router to

      recover from the hung state

If you manage to collect some stack, open a new service request and add a "show tech" of the device.
If you could break in rommon at step 2 before the hang, but you couldn't during the hang, then you probably have a hardware issue and the router should be replaced.

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