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I have been having very hi spike in the CPU for the subject switch.Also have been going through the DOC http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/hw/switches/ps663/products_tech_note09186a00804cef15.shtml#tools.But I ran across the follwoing after running ...

eferro by Beginner
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Hi All,Since the search feature on the website isn't working right now I'll ask my question here...Have there been any rumors of Cisco dropping the 12.4 series of IOS any time soon in favor of the 15.x series?Which IOS has started going with the Univ...

rtjensen4 by Enthusiast
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Hello guys,I am currently learning on the private vlans topic and sticking to a question.Imagine we have Switch A und B.A has a privat vlan 100 isolateB has a privat vlan 100 community.A frame of VLAN 100 isolate from Switch A is trunked to the Switc...

Agor85 by Beginner
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please has anyone tried to connect using cisco 2811 router with HWIC-8A/S-RS232 as terminal server to an alcatel router.please can i know correct cable specification to achieve this purpose and a similar config that has been used before.thanks in adv...

Hi all,I've got three switches, let's call them A, B, and C.  I've created vlan 99 on each switch and configured vlan 99 as remote-span.  When I add vlan 99 to my trunk ports, at some point, DHCP traffic (and possibly other broadcast traffic) stops w...

I have few doubts here..What is the difference between wild card mask and subnet mask in Network command when configuring eigrp ?How this command " ip default-network" works ?

HELP!!!Our client recently purchased their first Windows 7 machine and it is not able to communicate with their Windows Server 2003 SBS Domain Controller. After much troubleshooting and investigating, I came across multiple articles that recommended ...

callmedub by Beginner
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Have 2948G L3  running cat2949g-in-mz.120-25.W5.27b.binconfig register = 0x2102I enter some config statements, then save via wr mem or copy runnng-config startup-config, then reload router...the config recovers.But If I manually power cycle the route...

vwolgel12 by Beginner
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Resolved! 871 to uc520

We are trying to re establish our remote site vpn +voip phone to our uc520 following IOS upgrade.  Can anyone point us to a link?  The 871 does not appear to be supported under CCA.  Previoulsy configured using cli, but this code is no longer recogni...

curtw by Beginner
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Hi guys,I have a lot of trunks to connect my switches to servers. Now we permit all the vlans in those trunks...I wanna to limit the vlans in the trunk but first I wanna to discover what vlans the servers are using..So my questions is: is there any s...

lomonaco by Beginner
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