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configuration under interfaces lost after reboot ( stackwise virtual C9407 pair )

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Any clue why all configuration under the interfaces e.g portchannel etc.. lost after i truned both the switches ON ( active switch switchover ) after some days. I turned them off before going to vacations (they are not in production yet ). Have done many reloads and tested active/standby switchovers previously without any issue.

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This worked for me as i remember " Just remember when switch will boot to form stackwise virtual pair their interface numbering would change which removes config entered with on old interface names. SVL config remains intact.
So make SVL pair first and then enter interface configs. Do not change configs on SVL links or DaD link afterwards."


Can you test and confirm ?

Hi mateens,

I will reset the entire configuration, redo the SVL and DAD configuration without further changes and test with several restarts to see if the problem will occur again.
Any news I tell you.

Thank you!


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We were experiencing an issue where the startup config was erased on both switches in a virtual stack on power on from cold. This only happened at random and eventually TAC identified a bug:


We have tested and this has resolved the issue.

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