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Connection between 3350 and ESW on 2811


I need to create a vlan from a port on a 3550 (vlan100) to fa0/0/1 port on a ESW on a 2811.  What is the best way of going about this.  The interface fa0/0/1 on the 2811 never wants to come up.

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Jon Marshall
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You need to do the following -

1) make sure vlan 100 is created in the vlan database on the 2811

2) allocate the ports at both ends into vlan 100 ie.

int x/x

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan 100

3) use a crossover cable to connect the 2 devices


What is odd is that on the fa0/0/1 interface of the 2811 the switchport mode access does not show up in the running config but the command is accepted in interface-config mode.  The command switchport access vlan100 does show up however


This is probably the default setting and Cisco never shows the default setting in a show run.

If this this the case a show run all should mention the command.  [edit]: oups this is an ASA command  [/edit]



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thanks.  Here is a nutshell is what I and my provider are trying to do.  One my 3350 I have created a vlan100 with an ip of /30.  One the 2811 he has a vlan 100 of One the gig 0/4 port of the 3550 I have switchport mode access, switchport access vlan100. The interface is up/up in the sh run.

One the 2811 he has done the same on the fa0/0/1 interface of the ESW module. However his interface shows up/down.

We need for thes two devices to ping each other on the subnet

What are we missing??



Can you post output of sh int f0/0/1 switchport as well as sh ip int br | in Vlan on the router



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#sho int f0/0/1 switchport

Name: Fa0/0/1

Switchport: Enabled

Administrative Mode: static access

Operational Mode: static access

Administrative Trunking Encapsulation: dot1q Operational Trunking Encapsulation: native Negotiation of Trunking: Disabled Access Mode VLAN: 100 ((Inactive)) Trunking Native Mode VLAN: 1 (default) Trunking VLANs Enabled: ALL Trunking VLANs Active: none Priority for untagged frames: 0 Override vlan tag priority: FALSE Voice VLAN: none Appliance trust: none

Can you do a sh vlan-sw  br

If vlan 100 is not present then try to configure:

config t

vlan 100

or if it doesn't accept this syntax then try

vlan database

vlan 100


Then verify again with sh vlan-sw br



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