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Connectivity Issues with network after switch reconfig...

I've posted previously about a similar issue; which might be connected. However here is the Issue:

We have TWO locations; in which ONE of those location's internet connection was turned off for a period of time. Now after a few months, when the internet ws turned back on, the router and switch had to be reconfigured.  Now, I'm having issues connecting to the  second location, 90% of our VOIP phones Handsets stopped working, and many of the computers now are getting "limited connectivity" error messages; or they will give a " cannot reach the Domain" error message when the user tries to log on.   For the computers, my work-a-round has been to remove the computer from the domain, and add it again, that usually works ONLY for the "cannont reach the domain" error message.   I can Remote into another computer on our other campus, however, I can not map a drive to it, nor see it in the network area.

Is this a major config. issue for the switches or router, or is it something simple that I'm over looking?

Thanks for any help anyone could offer.. 

Amit Aneja


You need to be specific about what's not working, if you could provide a network topology, IP addresses, that will be great.

There are lot of things here which should be looked at:

1) are you saying that previously the internet connection worked well & after the reconfiguration of routers, it doesn't work? Why did you reconfigure the routers & switches? Have you changed the ISP?

2) I would like to see the config of the router & see what's wrong.

3) To make it simple, I would connect one switch to the router & connect a VOIP handset on switch, after that, we can find out what's not working.




Yes, previoulsy the internet connection worked well and after the reconf. of routers It works, but with a whole lot of Gliches.

The routers and switches were reconfigured because The ISP disconnected us and all the config. that went along with it on their end, so when they reconnected us, they had new IPs etc. that had to be reconfig. on our routers and switches.

I will try connecting the phones directly to the switch, and get back with you on the other items.



The domain error could be DHCP.  How does your internal network IP's get assigned?   Do you have your own DHCP server or does your ISP provide the information.  I agree with Amit that eliminating additional equipment and try to plug the IP phones directly into the switch.   Try to solve one problem at a time.  Let's see if we can get VOIP working.