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Dark Mode for Cisco Packet Tracer ?

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It's 2022 ! Most applications support dark mode and I feel like Cisco Packet Tracer should too. Opening Packet Tracer, I am greeted with a huge almost blinding white screen. Is there a way to enable Dark Mode in Cisco Packet Tracer 8 ? 

Thanks !

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I think the best you can do is change the background image (top right corner, click on the icon that looks like a mountain). You can create either color, I have attached two images.

Hey ! This does a decent job. But title for the devices vanish I don't think there's an option to change DisplayName's color. 


I have attached it. 

I am using dark grey for now. I have attached that too. Although, trying to read the display name might cause some eye strain. 



Great, how I can change the font color? for devices names or text



Martin L

I like this idea! I second that !


Regards, ML
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I would also like to see dark mode enabled (for everything online). Working in IT puts such a strain on my eyes. 

in response to everything online: if you use chrome/mozilla and don't know of it already, get the Dark Reader extension : - )

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THERE IS A WAY from the OS. If someone must work for hard hours in pt the solution is to invert all colors. In Windows 10 just search "Color Filters" select the "Inverted" option. You also have to check the shortcut key box. imagen_2022-07-30_002928540.pngScreenshot 2022-07-30 002145.png




I know it's not a nice way and everything else already has this, at least it's easier if only pt is open (almost never the case). I consider the filter for large amounts of time and I really hope the next version will have this feature. PD: Haha I notice now that screenshot is unaffected and had to edit it.

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I understand you want to help, but sadly it doesn't work well for those of us going through the CCNA academy. I use the dark reader extension on chromium based browsers specifically so the cables will show in the correct color, so I won't get confused when I'm in the classroom with the instructor. Inverting everything will make it difficult to properly distinguish the different cables.

Cisco really should just add a proper dark mode for the application, or at least allow us to tweak window colors and background of the logical mode so those of us that want darker colors can have them to protect our eyesight and still be able to study effectively.

Options > preferences > font > colors > change the "Router IOS Text" and "Router IOS Background" colors. 

For logical, you will have to set a background.

Okay, where does one set a background for logical mode and will that work for the packet tracer labs on

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You can change the logical view background (logical/physical bar > mountain with sun icon or SHIFT + I) but it will affect the ability to see the links. Maybe try a grey scale background for the logical view. Honestly, most of your time should be spent in CLI configuring the devices. 

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If you're a major player in the networking hardware field how much trouble could it possibly be to theme your software?

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I have this BG:

BG dark 

But why is it gone after restart?

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