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Default IOS image C4900M


sorry for the "stupid" question but I'm not able to find in all the datasheets what's the default (out-of-the-box) IOS image of a WS-C4900M

When I buy a WS-C4900M I know that there is an IP-BASE IOS but which version?

On the datasheet there is a 12.2SG but is an IPBASE with SSH? W/O SSH? UPGRADE SSH?

I'm trying to make a comparison between this image and a cat4500e-entservices-mz.150-2.SG2.bin (Advanced Enterprise Services) on the feature navigator to make sure the our customer need this last IOS Upgrade.

Thanks in advance.

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Default IOS image C4900M

I don't believe there is a default version, unless its the current General Availability verision.


Default IOS image C4900M

Thanks for your answer vmiller,

could you please be more specific? What do you mean?

Thanks a lot for your time

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Default IOS image C4900M

Its a Timing issue. If you just 'order the box" without specifying features or versions you will get what ever is general availability, IP base code.

My question is how are you ordering? Cisco direct? a reseller?

if its a reseller, this is where they are supposed to "add value" and help you figure this stuff out.

Comparing Release 15 to Release 12 is not trivial. I'd take a look at the goodies in Release 15 and determine If you needed to go there.

As far as 12 goes, run the feature navigator and add in the stuff you need. it should pop out the right version/level of code.


Default IOS image C4900M


I'm a Cisco Partner and I'm going to buy directly from Cisco.

I already have found that the IOS is an IP Base image but with what feature set? W/O ENCRYPTION? WITH SSH or with some other stuff? This is not easy to understand...

About the release...Do you know if there are some problems to upgrade to a Release 15 from a Release 12? If it's only a "features problem" I already have checked it on the Feature Navigator and I'm oriented to the Release 15.

Thanks for your help.

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Default IOS image C4900M

The 4900 data sheet has a couple of tables that indicate what features are on the base and enterprise versions.

I have no experience on 15 yet. the data sheet just refers to 12.

Software Image


IP Base image

Standard Layer 3 image, including Routing Information  Protocol Version 1 (RIPv1), RIPv2, static routes, and Enhanced Interior Gateway  Routing Protocol (EIGRP) stub

Enterprise Services image

Enhanced Layer 3 image, including Open Shortest  Path First (OSPF), EIGRP, and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP); also includes all  IP Base image features

There are additiona options listed in table 10 on the sheet. such as what to order for ip base with ssh....


Default IOS image C4900M

Oh yes these are the same tables that I already seen.....

Thanks a lot for you time.

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Default IOS image C4900M

My two cents, I would consider 15 if there were something in the code train i had to have.

12.x has been around, is stable and known....

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