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Different Network Integration


Dear All,

I have three diffrent network, one for data, one for security and the third is for Integrated services, each one has its own data center ( on the same building) with thier own core and access switchs,

My question is , how all will be connected - if needed?is it through a physical cables between the these networks's core switches? any other option(s)



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It depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Do they all connect to the same router or different routers?

Do each of the networks need to be able to send packets to each other?

The whole three networks are located on the same building, can we assume the two options? i.e each network is has its own router or all three are using the same router.

Pls note there is a core switch Cisco 6500 connected to each network and there is an access switches ( 3750) as a standard to connect the end points and connect all to the core switch via fiber optic cable single mode.


Jon Marshall
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If you follow Cisco design then what you would do is have a separate switch that each 6500 connects to at L3 and you use this switch to route between the separate networks. That way each 6500 only needs to peer with the new switch. If you don't use a new switch then you need to mesh your 6500s together in effect so each 6500 would connect to the other two and each 6500 would have 2 peerings.

Whichever method you used you would want to use L3 routed links to avoid having to run STP between the switches and having an issue on one network affecting the other networks as well.

But it does depend on what you want to do and what you are trying to achieve in terms of communication.


Out of these three networks, two having a deticated core switch 6500 ( one main and the other redundancy) i.e :

A - Network one : Two core switches in data center with access switches per floor

B - Nework two: Two core switches - same as above- and access switches per floor

C - Network three: No Core switches, just access switches per floor.

the standard - till now- core switch : Cisco 36500

                                 Access switches : 3750V2

The big question I have is, how to connect certain network points in network A or B or C to the others and get it all bridged.

Will be great Jon if you send me the Cisco Design link .



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