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Disparate subnet access issue

Hi all, 

Is this requirement achievable ? 


The CCTV cameras are on the subnet 192.168.8.x/24 network on a branch site. This branch site is directly connected through fiber link (routed port) to the core site and the branch site has a default route pointing to core site as exit path for all traffic. Also, the branch site has simple Vodafone router plugged into it by the CCTV vendor and they are able to access the CCTV through this router. 


Now the requirement is that CCTV vendor be able continue to access the CCTV cameras through the Vodafone router (, while another internal subnet (10.6.x.x/24) be able to access this CCTV too, but that the vendor should be able to go in and out only through Vodafone router and their traffic should not enter the core network or egress through internal internet line.


To achieve this, the vlan for 192.168.8.x was extended to the core and a static route was set so that the 10.6.x.x/24 can reach the CCTV camera Monitor PC. This PC has its gateway pointed to the Vodafone router, this was changed to point to the L3 interface of the CCTV VLAN ( Its observed that when the PC gateway is then the subnet 10.6.x.x can access the monitor but the vendor cannot access the monitor and when the PC gateway is then the internal 10.6.x.x cannot access the monitor while the vendor can access the monitor. 


The branch site has a Cisco 2960 switch further connected to a dumb switch (on which the camera and pc monitor and Vodafone router is connected)


There is no routing protocol being used here just plain static routes.. 


Please guide on how to solve this with the restrictions to be followed....

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Re: Disparate subnet access issue


Can you post a simple topology diagram of this network please

kind regards

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