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DNA Backup and Restore


Hello All,


I have this scenario ;


I have one DNA-C with appliance.

1-Is it possible take a backup (I guess yes via SFTP)

2-In case my appliance is broken and bring the new one is it possible to restore from the backup to that new appliance


Did anybody test it ?




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DNA Center does not support usingFTP(port 21) when performing a backup. UseSSH (port22)/Rsync when
backing up the DNA Center.

That is fine but my question was about recovery

What if all cluster goes down and I have backups of all devices and new devices arrived to the location

Restoration can be done from existing backups done previously, with version and state as it was in the bck. This is available also for new appliances.

I guess I was not clear enough

Please consider 2 devices are working with cluster logic and you have both devices' backups

Accidentally you lost both devices at the same time and need to replace both with new appliances

So in that case restore works ?


Do you have a document in cisco site or experience because as far as I know it was not possible....


You need 3 DNA Centers to build a cluster.

If you have only 2, then you can have one active and on as cold standby (no cluster).

If you need to restore a backup, it must be restored onto a system with same version (system and packages) as the system from which the backup came.

When building a DNA Center, you need to use a CA-signed certificate and not a self-signed certificate.

When you back up a cluster, you do not back up each member. 

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