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Edge Device Question.

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I'm working on a military network so this scenario might seem a little odd, but I have had concerns brought to me by higher-ups about what device would be the best.

Current we have a 100Mb incoming connection from the SDP router, our edge device right now is a 4507R with 1 SupIV. This device is responsible for routing incoming traffic down to two seperate areas each with their own standard Bounday Security System (dns, firewalls etc...) with several subnets in each one using static routes to get the appropriate traffic to each router. This device is also responsible for a small VTP domain that has 3 access layer switches populated by 40 VoIP phones and about 50-75 clients (100Mb each.)

An major upgrade is coming soon and wondering if that device is going to be enough to handle the extra load. We are getting two 1Gig pipes coming in, each pipe is connected to a 3845 and a 1Gig taclane to go out, we won't have control over the 3845's but from what I've been told they plan to have them run HSRP.

Also we are getting another domain with domain servers that will be hanging off this 4507R with a sub-domain in each BSS area. One of the sub-domains is getting an imagery server which external clients are supposed to be accessing.

Also the number of phones is supposed to double as well as our call manager having trunks to other call managers.

My question boils down to is the 4507R with two SUP IV's (each SUP IV would have one incoming 3845 and one of the 3845's from the main sub-domain plugged into it.) be enough to handle all the routing as well being a "core device" for VoIP/Client area. Or would we need to upgrade to a 6500 solution?

Cost probably wouldn't be a big issue however install time which means downtime is a huge issue in this case.

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I should have added a diagram earlier to better explain my question, I was was a little rushed to get that typed up.

I attached a rough diagram of how the network will look after the upgrade with the 4507R in it, is the amount of traffic flowing through the 4507R going to be too much for it?

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