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EPC3928 Router default username/password reverts back to "cisco"

My cable company recently replaced my home router with a EPC3928, when it was installed, default user name is set to "cisco" and same password. Although I have changed via the management page, after a couple of days when I try to log back to the router's admin pages I have noticed it has reverted back to "cisco".  I have tried this several times, the username/password change works for a short period (a few hours) and then at some point reverts back. Is this normal? I would not like to have these well known credentials stick on my router.

Austin Sabio

I am suspecting one of the following: 

  • Cable modem settings are controlled/synced by ISP. (if all features are affected, not only login credentials)
  • Bug: requires a firmware update or factory default.  
  • After updating username/password, save step is required. 
  • Bad unit: needs to be replaced. 

If you're leasing the cable modem, contact your ISP. 

Please rate, if helpful. 

Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestions. It seems it is only the username/password which reverts back to default values. So far, all other options I have configured remain as I set them.

On the firmware... how can I find if there are any firmware updates available?

On the save step... I did that, in fact after updating the credentials I have to login again (now using the updated ones); for a couple of hours (actually varies) the updated credentials will work as expected but then, at some point they stop to work and I end up going back to the defaults.

Check if firmware update option is available via GUI. otherwise, as its managed by your cable company they can better assist you.

Please rate, if helpful. 

Thank you.

Down here in Australia our ISP (Telstra) sends config updates every 2 hours. This is due to the CPE doing shaping once they hit a limit.


Thank you all for the suggestions. I will reach out to my ISP to find out if this is something they are push updating. Thanks.