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Factory reset/wipe DTECH switch


Currently having an issue on a DTECH M3SE3, on the switch side. It’s been configured but after reload just loops saying “SW1 con0 is now available, press RETURN to get started.” There is no mode button on the switch, the only button is to zeroize the router and that really doesn’t help my situation. I saw one thing saying I could get into the ROMMON by hitting the break key as it was booting up but that didn’t work either. Matter of fact during boot up there is no line stating anything about ROMMON (I think usually there’s supposed to be a ROMMON initialized line or something like that). 


Model is ESS-2020-NCP-B, I’m sure it’s not a frequently touched device but just hoping someone has an idea. There is a line during boot up saying “The password-recovery mechanism is enabled.” so I assume there’s something I can do but I haven’t seen the answer.

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I could not find much either, but check the link below, maybe you can do something with that...


Info for factory reset.

If you have a copy of the config try below steps:


ESS 2020 Factory Reset and Password Recovery

  1. Unplug and plug the power cord from the switch.
  2. Wait for the flash initializing message to appear as shown:

...done Initializing Flash.

The system has been interrupted, or encountered an error during initialization of the file system. These commands will initialize the flash filesystem, and finish loading the operating system software:



  1. Press the express setup (or CNSL) pin on the switch when flash initializing for 3-5 seconds. You will now see the 'switch:' prompt.


  1. Use these commands to backup the configuration that already exists.

switch: flash_init

switch: dir flash:

switch: rename flash:config.text flash:config-backup.text

switch: rename flash:vlan.dat flash:vlan-backup.dat

  1. Use these commands to delete the configuration that already exists.

switch: del flash:config.text

switch: del flash:vlan.dat


  •  After you issue boot, the switch will now load into default mode and prompt for initial configuration.
  • If you wish to skip the initial configuration to do it at a later time press ctrl+c on your PC.

If you only want to recover the password, use the boot option instead of the flash_init option as shown:

  • boot flash:<system image>
  • copy config.bak running-config
  • Change the password or create a new username and password
  • copy running-config startup-config
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