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flow control -- send flow control to be “desired”

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Level 6

hi eveyone,

I know about flow control that it is --

flow-control is a mechanics allowing the receiving party of a connection to control the rate of the sending party.

By default flowcontrol is disabled

Need to undertsand line below with example

send flow control to be “desired   what does it mean ?????????



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Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Mahesh,

As per my Knowledge:

status to desired (port allows far end to send flow-control packets if far end supports it):

When used with receive, it allows a local port to operate with an attached device that is required to send flow-control packets or with an attached device that is not required to, but may send flow-control packets.

When used with send, the local port sends administrative status to a remote device if the remote device supports it.


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Hi Sandeep,

If we enable this on trunk port

flow control send desired--

i check the switch port

sh int gigabitEthernet 2/1 flowcontrol

Port       Send FlowControl  Receive FlowControl  RxPause TxPause

           admin    oper     admin    oper

---------  -------- -------- -------- --------    ------- -------

Gi2/1      desired  off      desired  on          0       0

so this command tells that flow control for send is desired type right?

I checked on other side of trunk

sh int gigabitEthernet 1/9/2 flowcontrol

Port          Send FlowControl  Receive FlowControl  RxPause TxPause

              admin    oper     admin    oper

-----------   -------- -------- -------- --------    ------- -------

Gi1/9/2     desired  on       off      off         0       0

I checked config of this port there was no flow control send desired configured but this still shows send admin desired

do you why?



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