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Flow exporter configuration on ISR 4000 series ( 4351 )

Hi All,


Can i have the document or example to configure flow exporter in CISCO 4351 ISR routers, i found it difficult to find technical stuff related to these models of routers, can some share the good place to refer articles related to ISR 4351.


What is the alternate for ip flow ingress/egress in 4351.

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Steve Fuller
Level 9
Level 9

When using IOS-XE on the ASR, if you're using a release later than 3.7 then Cisco traditional NetFlow is no longer supported. This is documented for the ASR in the IOS-XE release notes in the "Features and Important Notes" section at End of Sale and End of Life of Cisco Traditional NetFlow. I've not seen this in the ISR 4000 release notes, but then they only start at 3.10S so Cisco perhaps felt it wasn't necessary to include.

If you're not used to Flexible NetFlow a good place to start would be the Migrating from Traditional to Flexible NetFlow page on the Cisco DocWiki. This page goes through the "why and what" of the change, and includes some conversion templates that should also help. Jump straight to the Flexbile NetFlow Migration in Practice section if you're feeling impatient. 

For complete reference, you can also use the Flexible NetFlow Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Release 3S.


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