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food for thoughts - pointing static route to dynamic route or using dynamic route totally


Hi all,

I inherited this setup with 1 router and 1 L3 switch as illustrated in the diagram below.

The and are routed ports.

The is an SVI and not a routed port.

EIGRP is setup between R1 and S2 for the below networks

R3 is not added as part of the EIGRP setup.

Right now, in R1, I have a EIGRP route to reach network as below

D   via    S0/0

In S2, I have a static route that go to to exit via gateway

S via

q1) Assuming if i want to setup a route in R1 to the in R3 below, is there any differences between

a) static route with gateway to the SVI in S2

b) static route with gateway to R3

c) turn on EIGRP on R3 entirely

Reason for asking this question is I have more routes in R3 and I have both method a) and b) running in Live now.  I am thinking of doing c) but i am thinking of is there any differences between them a) , b) and c)

All i can think of now is in R1, the inefficiency is that I will need 2 lookup if i use the static route method

1st is to lookup how to go to, (and it must go to the network)

2nd is to lookup how to go to network.

q2) Is there any difference between a) and b) methods -> such that when the packet destined to reaches S2 ( interface),

for method A , it will have to go the SVI before going to R3 while

for method B, the packet will go to R3 directly ?


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Richard Bradfield
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Just enable EIGRP on R3

with networks


let the routing protocol sort out the routes

BTW on R1 EIGRP is not required, as it is not a directly connected interface.

also add the network to the EIGRP on S2

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for the late response.

I understand turning on EIGRP will solve all these dilemma, but i am specifically interested to know the difference on method a) and b) in q2.

Hope you are able to let me know your thoughts.


Richard Bradfield
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

the static route on S2 will not get you very far, as it is not actually pointing to the gateway for the network

whereas on R2 will work,

and R3 must have routes back as below

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