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GLBP support on Cisco platforms

Hi all,

I'm currently developing a migration plan in our company to migrate from HSRP to GLBP. The migration itself is easy and working fine and can be done without any kind of interruption (you only have to take care for spanning-tree and hsrp active/standby configuration).

During my evaluation I came across a couple of documents that GLBP is not supported on all Cisco platforms. According to following links its only supported on Cisco 6k5 and 4k5 catalyst switches and on several router platforms.

The strange thing is that e.g. on a 3750 catalyst switch (12.2.55 SE6 ipservices image) the command can be choosen in interface vlan configuration mode. But if you try to apply the command and to turn on glbp its providing me following error message:

"%GLBP is not supported by the switch stack"

My questions are now:

1.) Are those documents in the links up to date?

2.) And if they are up to date why the hell does the 3750 e.g have the option to configure it although its not working or even supported

3.) Can anyone from the experts tell me what platforms are now definitly supported and which platforms not? All links on are telling something different



Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Hi Christian,

What is the commanf you are trying to do the switch rejects it?

I can configure GLBP on a 3750e running IOS 122-52.SE

interface Vlan1

ip address

glbp 10 ip

glbp 10 priority 110

glbp 10 preempt

Note, if your switches are stacked, GLBP is not supported.


Christian Engelbrecht u re rite

According to following LInk

glbp is not supported on 3750 and 3560

how did u say so its supported....:P



I searched also in the release notes of my image and I cannot find support for GLBP ... only for HSRP. So i guess its true that GLBP is only supported on the big catalyst switches 6k5 and 4k5. Anyone else here that can confirm this?

Hi Reza,

No the switch platform is not stacked. It is a regular standalone C3750 switch with above mentioned image. Command is rejected with error message posted by me.

Hello, from your initial post the error that the switch throws back is

"%GLBP is not supported by the switch stack"

Which implies that the switch is a stacked switch or has remains of being in a stack.

'show switch'

From the Cisco Feature Navigator states support for 3750M and certain models of the 3560, however this may be outdated.

Please rate useful posts & remember to mark any solved questions as answered. Thank you.

Please rate useful posts & remember to mark any solved questions as answered. Thank you.

I agree Bilal Nawaz

as seeing above doc in which Cisco clearly mention GLBP not supported.  Else there are many things that my appear in Cisco navigator.

Nice Info



Yes it was 3750-Metro model that supports that also shown by cisco navigator.



My 3750 is no metro switch -> Its a 3750G series switch. Either no support for GLBP. Seems that only a couple of 3560-C switches is supported as well as the metro 3750 beside the 4k5 and 6k5 devices.

@Reza: Can you confirm that your 3750 is a metro switch?

Mine is not a metro switch.  It is 3750E. 

part number



There is a lots confusion about this.  I can configure it and also do sh commands which shows glbp is there.  I am even running and older version of IOS then yours. Now, would this work correctly in a group of switches and behave right, don't know because I only have one switch. Maybe it works on E models and not others, who knows.

3750-Switch(config-if)#do sh run int vlan 1
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 127 bytes
interface Vlan1
ip address
glbp 10 ip
glbp 10 priority 110
glbp 10 preempt


3750-Switch(config-if)#do sh glbp         

Vlan1 - Group 10

  State is Active

    2 state changes, last state change 21:22:26

  Virtual IP address is

  Hello time 3 sec, hold time 10 sec

    Next hello sent in 2.119 secs

  Redirect time 600 sec, forwarder time-out 14400 sec

  Preemption enabled, min delay 0 sec

  Active is local

  Standby is unknown

  Priority 110 (configured)

  Weighting 100 (default 100), thresholds: lower 1, upper 100

  Load balancing: round-robin

  Group members:

    001b.5400.33c0 ( local

  There is 1 forwarder (1 active)

  Forwarder 1

    State is Active

      1 state change, last state change 21:22:16

    MAC address is 0007.b400.0a01 (default)

    Owner ID is 001b.5400.33c0

    Redirection enabled

    Preemption enabled, min delay 30 sec

    Active is local, weighting 100

    Arp replies sent: 1


3750-Switch(config-if)#do sh ver | inc bin

System image file is "flash:/c3750e-universal-mz.122-52.SE/c3750e-universal-mz.122-52.SE.bin"




he best tool for this kind of search is feature navigator

do  a search by a feature and type GLBP in the filter search then select  item 4 and click continue on the far bottom right and then follow the  instructions you should end up with a tree of supporting platforms / IOS  images select platforms and you are done.




I just looked up in the release notes of your image -> No support for GLBP mentioned ... Sorry guys ... but I'm getting really confused in this topic. How can it be that the documentation is so bad for this technologie?

Hi all,

I just tried it on a plain 3750 (single switch). Here are the results:

Image: 12.2.55 (SE6)

First of all I tried again to enable glbp within a SVI. This results in getting the same error as in my initial posting. Then I performed a show switch command showing me that 1 switch is present (the master). Next I tried to disable stacking using no switch 1 provision command ->"%Switch can not be un-provisioned when it is physically present"

Thus the result is that GLBP is not supported on 3750 -> This would also correspond to Cisco Feature Navigator, Cisco Data Sheets for 3750 models, Release Notes for IOS image and the this link: