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Help Switch configuration SG200


I need an help to find a problem in my network configuration.

I have a Vodafone Router that manages both IP phones and LAN traffic for PC.

Original configuration had one switch SG200 and I had to had another unit because I had not enough LAN ports.

When I added it I called the support and the technician told me that I just had to add only the Vlan setting to let the IP phone connect correctly.

create Vlan 20
save config
Port to Vlan  (VLAN ID select 20) GO and tag all the ports
salve config

I also set the IP address of the switch

first one is

new second one is

I cleared the arp tables but still I cannot ping some IP or communication suddenly drops and restart.

Any idea?


Sometimes it happens that one PC goes offline and I cannot ping some hosts.

Sorry, I am not an expert of network configurations but I cannot find anyone that can help me.

I noticed these errors:

2147483298 2013-Jun-08 13:29:28 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi3, aggregated (1)      
2147483299 2013-Jun-08 13:29:25 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi3, aggregated (1)      
2147483300 2013-Jun-08 13:29:22 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi3: STP status Forwarding      
2147483301 2013-Jun-08 13:29:17 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi3      
2147483302 2013-Jun-08 13:29:11 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi3      
2147483303 2013-Jun-08 13:18:50 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi3: STP status Forwarding      
2147483304 2013-Jun-08 13:18:46 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi3      
2147483305 2013-Jun-08 12:02:32 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi8: STP status Forwarding, aggregated (1)      
2147483306 2013-Jun-08 12:02:27 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi8, aggregated (1)      
2147483307 2013-Jun-08 12:02:24 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi8      
2147483308 2013-Jun-08 12:02:08 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi8: STP status Forwarding      
2147483309 2013-Jun-08 12:02:03 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi8      
2147483310 2013-Jun-08 11:52:44 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi7: STP status Forwarding, aggregated (1)      
2147483311 2013-Jun-08 11:52:39 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi7, aggregated (1)      
2147483312 2013-Jun-08 11:52:37 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi7, aggregated (1)      
2147483313 2013-Jun-08 11:52:11 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi7: STP status Forwarding      
2147483314 2013-Jun-08 11:52:06 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi7      
2147483315 2013-Jun-08 11:52:04 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi7      
2147483316 2013-Jun-07 21:29:24 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi3      
2147483317 2013-Jun-07 21:26:10 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi8, aggregated (1)      
2147483318 2013-Jun-07 21:26:06 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi8      
2147483319 2013-Jun-07 21:26:04 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi8      
2147483320 2013-Jun-07 15:54:28 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi7: STP status Forwarding      
2147483321 2013-Jun-07 15:54:23 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi7      
2147483322 2013-Jun-07 15:54:19 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi7      
2147483323 2013-Jun-07 12:16:00 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi3: STP status Forwarding, aggregated (1)      
2147483324 2013-Jun-07 12:15:55 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi3, aggregated (1)      
2147483325 2013-Jun-07 12:15:52 Warning %LINK-W-Down:  gi3, aggregated (1)      
2147483326 2013-Jun-07 12:15:48 Warning %STP-W-PORTSTATUS: gi3: STP status Forwarding      
2147483327 2013-Jun-07 12:15:43 Informational %LINK-I-Up:  gi3, aggregated (1)      
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VIP Mentor

Re: Help Switch configuration SG200



so you now have two SG200 switches connected to the Vodafone router ? Or do you have the switches connected back to back (one behind the other) ? What model is your Vodafone router ?


Re: Help Switch configuration SG200


First of all thanks for your prompt reply.
First switch is connected directly to the router, the second switch has his
cable connected to the first switch.
I installed the second one and it is when I started to have problems.

VIP Mentor

Re: Help Switch configuration SG200



the easiest way to resolve this is probably by using one of the built in smartport macros. If you have only an IP Phone connected, use the 'ip_phone' macro. If you also have a desktop connected to a port, use the 'ip_phone_desktop' macro.


Check page 155 of the attached user guide for instructions how to apply the feature:

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