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Yes correct.As long as you

Yes correct.

As long as you are not mixing up the ports ie. you need to make sure if you are in vlan 100 you have used an IP from vlan 100 as well.

There is nothing that i can see wrong with your switch or router config at the moment.

When you change the IP on the laptop can you just clear the arp cache on the router to make sure there is no conflict there.

There is something a little weird in the output of your trunk link. It is reporting the native vlan as 500 but you don't have this in your configuration on the trunk port and you don't even have a vlan 500 in the vlan database so something isn't quite right. 

Do you know where this came from ie. was it from some configuration you have changed ?



Yes, I changed the native

Yes, I changed the native vlan to 500 it was 1 before and it didn't work when it was 1 but you may be on to something as I've kept it at 500 and when I did the show vlan brief it shows Native as 1....I will double check this later today. I will just change it back to 1 for simplicity sake. 

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