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How to check the part number?

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Dear All,

By using CLI, how to check the part number on any CISCO's products?



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Once you have telnet into the device, go to enable mode by typing "enable", and you will be at "#" prompt, then type in "sh version"

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What part# are you looking to check and on which Cisco product?

Different product might have different command to check for the part#.

"show version" will show you the main part# of the product.

Thank Jennifer!!

I am looking the part number on Cisco 2811 Integrated Services Router, could you let me the correct command I can type oon CLI and serach for it?

Many Thanks!!

Here is the CLI:

show version

That should give you the part number.


show diag

Dear Jennifer,

This command show me:

sh diag ==>  % Invalid input detected at '^' maker.

Here is my another problem, becuase the switch is not able to touch, can I still able to search the part number from web browser?

Thanks again ~

Here is the part# for 2811 router that you can order:

The part# available is towards the bottom of the document.

Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for your prompt reply!!

We need to order the same model(w/part#) but we can't connect the console cable and touch the existing device. The only way we can connect it is thru the I.E. or telnet.

So, that why I am headache about how to check the part number in the current situation...



You can use the show inventory command.

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